Baseball league restarts in Taiwan with robot, mannequin ‘fans’

After enduring a monthlong coronavirus lockout, the Chinese Professional Baseball League has resumed play without fans in stadiums. However, the league did fill the stands in a rather creative way.

Robot and mannequin fans comprised the crowd, and they were all dressed up in favor of the Rakuten Monkeys. Some of the mannequins even held up signs that were zip-tied onto their wrists.

“We are the first pro-baseball league to start playing in the world” during the coronavirus pandemic, the league said in a statement, according to the New York Post. “We welcome everyone to follow the new 2020 season and to relax from their tense lives because of the outbreak.”

When professional sports leagues in the United States return to action, it appears they may have to play in empty stadiums as well. It wouldn’t be surprising if we see more mannequins take the stands in the future to attempt to simulate fans.

The coronavirus has paused all major sporting events in the United States for the foreseeable future, but leagues are discussing ways resume play sooner rather than later. Major League Baseball, for example, is discussing the possibility of playing the season in Arizona so teams can continue to self-quarantine.

Whatever happens, things are going to be very different when sports are able to return. Can you imagine mannequins in stadiums here in the USA, I think it would be a distraction to the players. Looking into the stands being watched by dummies. It would like a movie out of the Twilight Zone ,those old enough to remember the Twilight Zone. I think the only place for robots in the MLB is for calling balls and strikes since every umpire has their own view of the strike zone.

Well I sure hope baseball and basketball can resume playing this year and the NFL can open on schedule and we can have fans going to the games and enjoy themselves.

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