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Hello Sports Fans,

I have been a sports fan for many years and really enjoy watching sports, such as football,baseball,basketball and college sports. (Really missed March Madness) Unfortunately I’m also a Cleveland Browns fan and there’s a reason we call the stadium “House of Sadness” . We have had couple of owners that seem lost as to how to run a football program, but enough of my sorrow about the Browns. I also was an avid fisherman , had my own boat and we would go walleye and perch fishing on Lake Erie capital of walleye fishing. I enjoyed fishing but with my last job I have not have time for March Madness).I enjoyed playing fantasy football and did pretty well for a couple of years, my best year was when I won $10,000.00 from one of the fantasy football games on line. I’m old enough to remember when the Browns won the NFL championship in 1964 with the greatest running back of all time Jim Brown, I would compare his talent to the same level as Lebron James in basketball. Those were the greatest times for basketball in Cleveland since the days of Mark Price and Larry Nance,  Yes I’m showing my age , but I enjoy watching my sports. When I did play I always made sure I had the best of the equipment for that sport My wife passed away 4 years ago and it’s been just me and my son,now he is a true homer .  Now I have time to do the things that I couldn’t do before. I’m semi retired but wanted something to fill my time ,so I ventured into this market and hopefully things will work out.

I blew my right knee out playing baseball and than had a blood clot in my lungs ,ended up spending a little more than a month in the hospital and missed 14 weeks of work. That was back in 1984,at time I decided to coach little league baseball for the CYO. That was a great experience since I could work with children that were just learning to play baseball. Needless to say we were not very good and the kids I coached had very little experience playing baseball.

I’m looking forward to see this season 2020 if my Cleveland Browns can finally have a good season, not holding out for playoffs. This team has a lot of talent but can’t seem to get their act together. Maybe with the new coach and front office they could finally play some good football. I’m a big fan of Ohio State . and to this day I believe they got some bad calls in the playoff game against Clemson. Would have been great to see LSU and OSU play each other. I’m sure that Joe Burrows would be looking for revenge since they didn’t think he was good enough to start for OSU. Well at least OSU had 3 of the top four players drafted this year.























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