Herschel Walker’s unrealistic election idea gets rejected on Twitter

Herschel Walker and Donald Trump have known each other for close to 40 years, starting when now-President Trump bought the USFL team Walker was playing for, the New Jersey Generals. Walker is fiercely loyal to Trump, who as of Friday night is trailing in the 2020 presidential election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Walker’s loyalty prompted him to say something Friday on Twitter that made very little sense.

Seeing that races in multiple U.S. states are still too close to call and the Trump administration is alleging widespread election fraud with little evidence, Walker put forth what he thought was a brilliant solution: a quick do-over in the battleground states.

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It’s . . . not that simple. There can be recounts, such as the one scheduled for Walker’s beloved Georgia and perhaps others in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, but state laws don’t allow for revotes just because someone is desperate for a different result. And elections don’t just take a week; general election voting this year began in early to mid-October.

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Besides, states are required by law to certify the current election results within the next few weeks, if not days, to set the Electoral College process in motion. EC electors will choose a new president and vice president on Dec. 14. The train isn’t stopping because a Heisman-winning College Football Hall of Famer wants to save his buddy.

Walker, of course, got ratioed hard for this tweet, with the “Cry more” chorus turning out strong.






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